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Final Fantasy XIII2 – Memories

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  • Gra: Final Fantasy XIII-2 | Temat: Serah’s Theme | Premiera: 2011.01.31

    cd_FinalFantasyXII-2As the game’s main theme, “The Promise” is heard several times in Final Fantasy XIII. It has several arrangements and is also included in many tracks. The track itself is heard in-game at the title screen, and is the second track of the original soundtrack‘s first disc.

    A “prototype” version of the theme is included in the Final Fantasy XIII: Original Soundtrack PLUS.

    Arrangements of “The Promise” include “Serah’s Theme“, the twenty-second track of the soundtrack’s second disc, which is a vocal arrangement performed by Frances Maya used in several cutscenes involving Serah or her crystallized tear: it also replaces Eternal Love in the overseas versions. Another vocal arrangement is “Sunleth Waterscape“, which is the eponymous location’s background theme and the sixteenth track of the second disc, and was also performed by Frances Maya.

    “In the Sky that Night” is another arrangement used for flashbacks of the Bodhum Fireworks Festival (with the sole exception of Hope’s), and the fourteenth track of the soundtrack’s first disc. Another prominent arrangement of “The Promise” is “The Archylte Steppe“, the background theme for the eponymous location and the third track of the soundtrack’s fourth disc. Finally, “Fabula Nova Crystallis”, the sixteenth track of the soundtrack’s fourth disc, which plays during the final cutscenes of the game before the final battle.

    “The Promise”‘s motif is also included in several other tracks, including “Forever Fugitives”; “Glory’s Fanfare“; the background theme for the ending cutscene of the game, “Determination”. “FINAL FANTASY XIII -Miracles-” includes the motif of “The Promise” at its conclusion, and is the seventeenth track of the soundtrack’s fourth disc. The “Ending Credits” are an extended orchestral performance of “The Promise”, and is the twenty-second track of the soundtrack’s fourth disc.

    The lyrics for “Serah’s Theme” and “The Sunleth Waterscape” were revised for the English localization of Final Fantasy XIII (even though the original recordings were already in English) because of the opinion of the English-language staff that the lyrics needed to sound more natural to native speakers.[1]

    An instrumental version of “Sunleth Waterscape” has been released on the Final Fantasy XIII: Original Soundtrack PLUS album.

    Serah Farron’s leitmotif. Plays after the boss battle against the Proto fal’Cie Adam in Augusta Tower 200 AF, and when Serah refuses to remain in her endless dream. In “Perpetual Battlefield”, it plays when it is revealed that Snow has to stay in the Coliseum.Composed by Masashi Hamauzu with vocals by Frances Maya.


    Tekst Piosenki | Wspomnienia

    W mych myślach ciągle tkwisz
    Od dnia kiedy ty
    na mą ścieżkę wkroczyłeś
    Pragnę z tobą być
    więź co łączy nas wciąż
    powód daje mi by znaleźć cię
    Drogę wskazało mi
    światło wspomnień mych
    Nie poddam nigdy się
    Dałeś siłę mi
    by z nadzieją żyć
    Wiem, że kiedyś znowu spotkam cię